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Review: Katy Moffatt, The Maze Friday, November 13, 2009, 07:37

November 13, 2009

Review: Katy Moffatt, The Maze

Friday, November 13, 2009, 07:37

DOWNPOURS probably kept some likely punters at home. But nothing, not even a leaky roof on arrival, could dampen the spirits of Texan redhead Katy Moffatt.

This was the basic line-up of a girl and her guitar, a consummate musician with a true, full-throated voice. The way she embellishes a line has few equals.

Headed by Midnight Radio, her first group of pieces included a syncopated This Heart, from Up Close And Personal.

Soon she was inviting requests, obliging with the a-cappella Texas Ranger. It was followed by a John Hiatt song of travel and a brand-new number evoking the desert winds in Moffatt’s adopted state of California.

Walkin’ On The Moon, an early hit, launched a second set as varied and rewarding as the first. Moffatt hit her stride in a medley of rocking cowboy and thoughtful love ballads. The figures of veteran Jimmy McGrew and maverick Hank Williams were both remembered in music.


Among further requests, Highwayman provided a vigorous take on Phil Ochs’s setting of the text. The performance closed with an atmospheric cameo, Evangeline Hotel. Moffatt couldn’t fill empty seats, but she left no empty hearts.

Peter Palmer

Some other cool mazes, from Team Of Monkeys .com and from (Free Web Content)

Maze Artist Yonatan Frimer who started drawing mazes when he broke his leg.


A Maze portrait of albert einstein created by Yonatan Frimer.

“I have always found einstein to be a fascinating person” says Frimer, “At some point he changed the course of history with his findings.”

Maze Portrait of Albert Einstein.
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“Genius Maze” – By Y. Frimer

Mazes Celebrity Portraits Activity Booklet